Avakin life- Impressive detail here!

Then again life is most interesting game on the internet. In this you decorate your house, arranging parties and go on vacations. Means which activities we are doing in our life it’s also available in this virtual world.  Create and design your 3d avatar and avatars apartment.  Meet up with new and old friends. Play with them and also chat with them. This virtual game you make new relationships and meet with them. It is very popular and has 5700 different stories for players to play.  It also has a record of six million registered players.

With the link of Facebook this game went, be must be interesting because your all friends link with you and play with each other. So many tasks and challenges are available in it. This game is also used for your real life because it shows you how to we decorate own real house. Many wallpapers are available in it for decorating the walls. For your avatar many hairstyles, hair colors, and clothes for dress-up the avatar. In another word, we say that is the other world where every person wants to go. You also choose your own dance styles with your favorite music.

Types of currency in this game-

Every game has their different currencies for entering into challenges and tasks. You know currencies are the most important part of our life. As well as in this virtual life currencies are also important. So today we talk about the currency of this game and how to earn more currency in it to open the challenges and tasks. In this two types of currencies are available.

  1. Avacoin
  2. Gem

These both currencies have their different works and different uses. It’s all the main component of this game. For example, in real life, we don’t survive without money. As per in-game nor entering the mission without avacoins and gems.


This is the main currency of this game. In another word, we say that it is the primary currency of Avakin life. This is used to buy the items which are available in store. Many things are available on this. It is also used to skip the mission. It is very useful for buy the many contain hair, clothes, wallpaper, and furniture. When you buy things at that time, you receive some extra points to upgrade your level.


Some items are available on the store which is only bought from the help of gem with . And when you buy the thing which cost is ten Gem. The game will give you 20 experience points. It is helpful to boost up your level and experience point. This is also called by the secondary currency of the game.

Daily visiting on the app-

When you visit the app on a daily basis this will give you 150 experience points. If you do this for a week, you will get 1,050 points. So always visit game daily because it helps you to boost your extra points and make you the super gamer.

Complete the objectives-

It is the best path to improves your points. Whenever you complete an objective, you will make 50xp. This is the best way to improve your XP. Think if you complete daily 70 objectives then you will get 3500 experience points. Always do more objectives for extra. It is helpful for increasing the level.

Invite friends-

This is the best way to earn the expensive points. When you invite your friends to the game, the game will give you the rewards. So this is the best way to earn them some extra points, or we say that it is a great opportunity the game provides you to for earn points. So that is very important.

Change furniture-

It is also a good option to earn some currency. When you buy furniture for home and upgrade the furniture. You will receive the same experience points.

Wallpaper change-

Wallpaper also provides you to chance to earn some extra points. When you buy new wallpaper for your wall, you will receive extra points.

So what’s the final verdict?

Despite all things, you should concentrate quality of the game and must check reviews on the PlayStore.