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Oscar the owner of Tree Off Road Park has another great park on his hands, maybe one of the best parks he has owned to date. I had a chance to check it out first hand and this park has a great start. More importantly the changes and improvments Oscar has planned for the future will really blow people away. This park is roughly 2500 acres in size, and used to be an old watermelon farm, but is now a Pine Plantation slash Atv park.  One of the coolest features of this park is a several acre lake. Enough talk lets get to the pictures and videos.
I encourage everyone to come out and support River Run, and be sure to tell Mack you saw their park on Jacobs Atv Magazine, and Jacobs Atv Adventures.

River Run Atv Park Website
As I mentioned Tree Off Road is roughly 2500 acres in size, and is due south of Alto, Tx. Below is a close up map, in which you can click on the diamonds to see what that exact spot looks like. 
Below is the map of the park without the diamonds.
As I mention above this is a 2500 acre park that Oscar recently opened in 2010. Oscar is very excited about this park, and the potential of this park is endless. Right now the park is mainly geared towards trail riding, holding large events, and mud riding is secondary. But, do not be fooled if you want the mud and water you can find it. So, lets get started.
There is plenty of parking available, as well as camping spots. Oscar will be adding several RV spots with full water and electricity hook ups. We parked and off loaded behind the main building.
Oscar has three fully serviced wash racks that will support both SxSs and Atvs. In addition Oscar has seven hot showers so that you can get cleaned up at the end of the day. There is also an air compressor. No doubt there are plenty of ammenities to clean up both you and your machine. Very nice.
The biggest feature of the stagging area is the main reception center. This is where you check in, all the entertainment is held here. This is a great entertainment center that overlooks the lake. As you can see Oscar has a fully facitilty to host large events.
The next biggest feature of the is park is the lake. Guys, this is not an oversized pond, but a several acre small lake. Lets take a closer look at the lake.
These pictures are from the North side of the lake. There are many trails that ride along the lake providing amazing views. You can fish, swim, ride, and party along this lake. Oscar said everyone can enjoy it as they see fit. Just PLEASE DO NOT LITTER in it. This is a great feature of the park that I am sure everyone will enjoy especially during the summer.
This above picture and the below pictures are from the West side of lake, basically the opposite side from where the other pictures were taken from. I want to focus on the above picture for a second. You see where Don's Rhino is in the bottom left of the picture. Look across the lake to where there is gap is between the pine trees, that is where the main facility is. Imagine a zip line running from the main facility over the lake, and to this spot. Don't laugh Oscar is planning to do this.

Now take a look at the below picture. From Don's Rhino look to his left where the other dirt opening is, and picture an underwater bridge about a foot or two under the water running from one point to the other, with side rails to prevent you from running off it. How cool are these ideas. I am telling you Oscar has huge plans for this place. It takes money so come on out and support this park it is only going to get better.
Just when you did not think this place could get better it does. Lets look at the trails. We all know East Texas is known for its amazing mud parks. Unfortunately, some of these mud parks you need a 6" lifted quad with 32" mud tires to get around. Well, I am hear to say if you enjoy trail riding and do not want to travel all the way to Oklahoma or Arkansas to trail ride all you need to do is visit Tree Off Road. 
These are some of the best trails in East Texas, and there are over 60 miles worth of trails, and more are being cut everyday. I have ridden pine plantations before, and I was very disappointed. Since the owners have millions of dollars pines planted they do not  cut the trails into the pines for fear of them being damaged for future sales. However, Oscar trusts everyone, and he has cut trails and zigged trails all throughout this pine plantation. So, PLEASE DO NOT DAMAGE OR CUT these pine trees. If you have never ridden in a pine forest before it is a blast. I almost felt like I was riding in SE Oklahoma where they have huge pine plantations. I maybe a freak about pines, but I love to ride in them.
You may ask what is so special about these trials. Couple of things. First the trails are wide enough to handle both SxS and Atvs. Second there are no over hanging branchs or trees to run into. Third the trails are mostly sand and hard pack dirt. Fourth Oscar has taken a grader and smoothed the trails out taking out any roots, ruts, or rocks. I ride all across the country, and I have been on trails that will knock your teeth out. These trails will not. If you have a sport quad or like to ride fast aggressive these trails are perfect for that. I can't wait to take my Renegade back to here.
In addition to the smaller trails there are several larger roads that cut across the property. This allows you to quickly get back to camp in case of a break down or injury.
Okay, lets get to the part of what everyone is wondering, and this where is the mud? We do live in East Texas and there has to be mud. I mention earlier this park is not known for its extensive mud, and more for trail riding, but do not be fooled. Now bear in mind I reviewed this park in the middle of summer durning the heat wave of 105 degree days. So, things were extremely dry. Even with all the dryness we found mud and water, and plenty of it.
No matter what time of year this park is going to have mud and water in certain sections. The park may not be covered in 90% mud, but you can find it if you want to. As I mention before there are sections of the trails that cross into the lake, which are cool to ride in.
My buddy Dave enjoys trail riding, but he enjoys mud riding even more. So we had Dave test out all the water and mud holes, and this mud/stock pond got the better of Dave and his Brute. So, do not be fooled of the tame trails the water and mud can very deep. Like I said these pictures were taken during the drought and 105 degree days imagine in the fall, winter, and spring what these areas will look like.
The below picture is not the lake but a separate mud area. I did not even attempt this with my stock Grizz, this calls for my snorkeled Brute and Outlaws.
This pretty much covers the entire park, and what you can expect. There are some side trails and some smaller features I missed, but I will be back to hit those places, and I will update this review once the rainy cool season hits. That way you can see how the park looks during the muddy season.

I just want to hit on a few things. I know Oscar has gotten a bad rap on some of the events he has held, but do not let that hold you back from visiting and supporting his park.
Like Oscar said "If you do not like the events don't attend, but don't be afraid to ride the park on the non-event days." I could not agree more with that. Guys, this is an amazing park, and more importantly an excellent family park. There is nothing dangerous in this park as far as the terrain is concern other than some of the mud ponds. I would have no problem bringing my wife and kids here to ride. The trails are perfect for new riders learning how to ride, or novice riders. If you are a sport quad rider you will really love this park, I can't wait to bring my Renegade here. Then I can't wait to bring my Mud Brute here to really hit the mud and water holes.
This park is perfect for holding large events, so if you have an event you would like host be sure to contact Oscar. This place also allows Oscar to host his Redneck Events in peace on his own property so look for these events to get even better.

No, doubt the lake and the awesome trails are the main features of this park. If you get tired of the trails you can easily find the mud, and get as much of that as you want. There is something for everyone.
When it comes to primitive camping there are plenty of spots to choose from. There is another section of camping I did not get a picture of, but most of the camping spots are shaded by trees, and it is really nice. So, bring your tents, and RVs there is plenty of room. As I mention before Oscar is currently adding more RV spots for electricity and water.
Here is a video of our ride and this will give you an idea of what everything looks first hand.
Tree Off Road Atv Park Video Link
Warning this is a very large file at 776mb but it covers nearly the entire park

Here is the website
Tree Off Road Atv Park Link

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